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Vogue Italia October 2014


"I know 1,000 something reblogs is nothing unique, but it means so much to me. Thank you. 
It is wonderful to know that beauty in this picture has been embraced not only once but at least one thousand times.
Unfortunately Nilotic beauties and other dark skin women have been especially underrepresented these past few seasons (show, campaign, cover and editorial wise). I think we need to ask designers and CEOs of the leading houses such as Prada, Valentino, Gucci, Chanel Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent etc. and major magazines and their editor-in-chief like Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar to reconsider their choices they ultimately are responsible for.

Send an e-mail to their customer service department, enter their stores and challenge the managers; ask them “Is my race an issue with becoming a customer, because your shows/advertisments would say it is” or simply post “DIVERSITY IS BEAUTY” on the brand’s social media outlets. This is 2014 seeing a beautiful caucasian, asian, hispanic and african woman representing luxury shouldn’t be an issue.”

I’ve recently included this in one of my posts. We need to make a change. We need to show people no matter your skin colour you have the right to express yourself through fashion in any clothes you chose to do so. 

Let start with the diversity-lacking shows every season for the past 3+ years. Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and the infamous Dior. The one thing in common is the casting director’s Maida & Rami. They are represented by the Creative Exchange Agency. The closest thing to their contact info would be this link. E-mail your concerns to them, my concern is that the casting directors they represent make conscious choices whether intentionally racist or not, reproduces and thus reconfirms that beauty comes in only one shade, one pale, bright-eyed shade. Not the casting director’s fault they say, they are pointing fingers at the designers you say? You can contact Jil Sander and Dior here and here respectively. Also Calvin Klein does not seem to have a e-mail contact service so I suggest phoning or going to their stores if you wish to voice your concerns.

Also if you feel as though there are other people, brands, magazines or even media outside of fashion such as television that should be more aware of their choices or the lack there of regarding diversity that should be contacted I encourage you to go forth with it. I don’t suggest anything irrational or illegal of course, but be persistent and assertive when you voice your concern. One person can make all the difference.

I feel as though we reach a point where, yes east asians are now presented in fashion shows in often decent numbers but lets take a step further I challenge designers and casting directors to include darker skinned east asians. Thai, Filipino, Indonesian, Malaysian etc. I wanna see my fellow beautiful dark skin east asian girl killin he runway too

Hate the fact that having 2 lightskin models walking a show is seen as the solution to the “model diversity” problem


Lindsey Wixson @ Ermanno Scervino SS15 Photography Lea Colombo

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senait gidey backstage at nicole miller

senait gidey backstage at nicole miller

senait gidey backstage at nicole miller